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Advisory Board

The LC advisory board advises the food cluster on the orientation, management and evaluation of the Cluster activities. In addition, it plays an important role as a disseminator: it supports the dissemination of the food cluster ideas, targets, activities and results among important opinion leaders and decision-makers and to the general public. 

Foto: Roland Fischer
Roland Fischer
Advisory Board speaker
Foto: KommR Johannes Jetschgo
KommR Johannes Jetschgo
Foto: Prok. DI (FH) Christian Altmann, MBA
Prok. DI (FH) Christian Altmann, MBA
Foto: Ing. Mag. Karl Dietachmair
Ing. Mag. Karl Dietachmair
Foto: Prok. Markus Haberfellner
Prok. Markus Haberfellner
Foto: Reinhard Honeder
Reinhard Honeder
Foto: SO Leo Jindrak
SO Leo Jindrak
Foto: Manfred Kröswang
Manfred Kröswang
Foto: Dr. Marcus Mautner-Markhof
Dr. Marcus Mautner-Markhof
Foto: Mag. Heinrich Mayr, MBA
Mag. Heinrich Mayr, MBA
Foto: Mag. Elke Riemenschneider
Mag. Elke Riemenschneider
Foto: Prok. Franz Rohringer
Prok. Franz Rohringer
Foto: DI Wolfgang Siegel
DI Wolfgang Siegel
Foto: Hofrätin Mag. Maria-Theresia Wirtl
Hofrätin Mag. Maria-Theresia Wirtl