The location policy of Upper Austria relies successfully on innovation through cooperation and competence. As plastic cluster, we initiate and support specifically inter-company cooperation.

This allows implementing innovative ideas successfully in cooperation:

Cluster cooperation projects

At least three companies (among them small and medium-sized enterprises) work together on technology and organization projects. The companies have available both funding and the support of the cluster for various project management services.

National and international projects

The cooperation of companies and institutions on various topics is supported by national and international funding channels (funds from the EU, Austria and the Land) along with the cluster.

Sessions to exchange experiences

A closed group of companies meets several times each year to exchange their experience on a jointly defined topic. The ERFA session is organized and moderated by the cluster.

Sales and internationalisation activities

The cluster organizes study trips, supplier days or joint trade fair appearances of partner companies to facilitate access to new markets.

Inter-company public relations

With the support of the cluster, media cooperation are initiated, joint press conferences organized, prize and awards are conferred and joint events are carried out.