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Exchange of experience

Exchange of experience

How do others solve the same problems?

Problems are rarely unique and often times, they have been overcome by someone else. You build valuable practical knowledge during the exchange of experience (ERFA). With fresh ideas and new tools at your fingertips, you conquer your daily challenges more versatile than before.

Process and organisation

Together, we define topics and the participants meet for specific ERFA sessions. Participants meet in this composition regularly and obligatory. The host role changes continuously. In addition to organizing and coordinating meeting dates with the members, LC will also moderate and document the individual meetings.

Are you interested to participate in one of the following ERFA sessions? Then, I would like to welcome you at one of our upcoming dates.

There are experience exchange meetings on the following topics:

  • Packaging
  • Trade
  • Operation management
  • Quality management

Your contact 

Tel: +43 732 79810 – 5322