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Our team works closely with partners from business and politics. Contact us, we are happy to help!

Portraitfoto Luise Dauwa

Luise Dauwa

Project management
Mobile: +43-664-78736542
Phone: +43-732-79810-5274
Porträtfoto Heidrun Hochreiter

DI Heidrun Hochreiter

Cluster Manager
Mobile: +43 664 8481233
Phone: +43 732 79810-5323
Nina Gruber, MSc - Cluster-Managerin Lebensmittel-Cluster Business Upper Austria -  die Standortagentur des Landes Oberösterreich

Nina Feilmeier, MSc

Mobile: +43-664-8481321
Phone: +43-732-79810-5320

DI Kristina Pammer

Project Manager
Mobile: +43 664 8186560
Phone: +43 732 79810-5324
Portraitfoto Bernhard Scheibinger

Bernhard Scheibinger

Student employee
Phone: +43-732-79810-5236
Mag. Melanie Staufer, Projetmanagerin Lebensmittel-Cluster Business Upper Austria - die Wirtschaftsagentur des Landes Oberösterreich

Melanie Staufer

Project manager
Christian Teufel, BSc. - Projektmanager Lebensmittel-Cluster

Christian Teufel, BSc.

Project Manager

Mobile: +43 664 8481320
Phone: +43 732 79810-5321
Mag. Gabriele Wolkerstorfer, Project Assistant Lebensmittel-Cluster, Business Upper Austria - die Wirtschaftsagentur des Landes Oberösterreich

Mag. Gabriele Wolkerstorfer

Project Assistant
Mobile: +43 664 8481270
Phone: +43 732 79810-5091
Porträtfoto: Karina Benda

Karina Benda

Mobile: +43 664 8481322
Phone: +43 732 79810-5322

LC Advisory Board

The LC advisory board advises the food cluster on the orientation, management and evaluation of the Cluster activities. In addition, it plays an important role as a disseminator: it supports the dissemination of the food cluster ideas, targets, activities and results among important opinion leaders and decision-makers and to the general public. 

Roland Fischer

Advisory Board speaker
Phone: +43-732-666-711-0
Prok. DI (FH) Christian Altmann, MBA  - Leiter Cluster & Netzwerke Business Upper Austria -  die Standortagentur des Landes Oberösterreich

Prok. DI (FH) Christian Altmann, MBA

Ing. Mag. Karl Dietachmair

Prok. Markus Haberfellner

Phone: 07248/62683
Andreas Haider © Unimarkt

Dkfm. Andreas Haider

Reinhard Honeder

SO Leo Jindrak

Manfred Kröswang, Geschäftsführer des Grießkirchner Familienbetriebs KRÖSWANG GmbH

Manfred Kröswang

Dr. Marcus Mautner-Markhof

Phone: 07248/607-0

Mag. Heinrich Mayr, MBA

Phone: 0590909-4150

Mag. Elke Riemenschneider

Anton Riepl

Phone: 07235/66022-0

Prok. Franz Rohringer

DI Wolfgang Siegel

DI Wolfgang Siegel

Portrait Birgit Stockinger, Stabstelle Genussland OÖ – Leitung ©

Birgit Stockinger

Portrait Mag. Dr. Peter Untersperger, Salinen Austria AG

Mag. Dr. Peter Untersperger

Dir. DI Gisela Wenger-Oehn