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Our services. Your benefits as partner.

Our services. Your benefits as partner.

With the food cluster, we bundle our partners' potentials and competence. This in turn increases your innovation force and international competitiveness. Our strategy focuses on the demands of small to medium-size enterprises (SME).

Successful positioning

The food cluster opens the doors to over 2000 companies in the cluster landscape and it offers direct access to national and international R&D facilities. This is how you position yourself in the network and how you increase your attractiveness as cooperation partner.

Cooperation & consulting

We provide custom-tailored support. We help you in the search for cooperation partners and for the right national and/or international funding. In addition, our specialists are happy to support you in project management. Moreover, we offer you and your employees attractive platforms, you can use to exchange information among peers.

Know-how & qualification

The exchange of know-how and experience in the cluster provides you a decisive competitive edge. LC trade events, industry-specific training and workshops along with the exclusive insight into partner companies help you learn best and ensure your informational lead, which matters the most in the marketplace. As partner of the food cluster, you know and recognize much earlier than others the latest industry trends and developments. Through the national, international and cross-industry links in the cluster network, you become a pioneer in your industry.

Information & communication

The food cluster ensures you are present in print and online media. You benefit from our national and international media relations. In addition to the benefits from your partner membership, you also have the entire service portfolio of Business Upper Austria at your fingertips (e.g. support in finding a location, in government contacts, in European grant applications, consulting in intellectual property rights, etc.). For more information, consult the website of Upper Austria. www.biz-up.at

Target group media and the events of the food cluster support your advertising and target group work. For a strong image in the food sector, you have LC-Aktuell, online advertising, event sponsoring in LC events, EERFA sessions or LC workshops available. Your individual sponsoring package ensures that you reach your target groups efficiently and effectively. As LC partner company, you reap the benefits by getting up to 50 percent in rebates!